Meet young Ghanaian engineer who builds Electronic Motorbikes that can last 120km

Young Africans have been taking productive steps to contribute towards global efforts of energy transition from the fossil fuel system to the environmentally friendly electric system to help resolve existing climate crisis.

In this latest edition of our focus on young African innovators, we have Lawrence Agyei, a 26-year-old Ghanaian who builds electronic motorbikes from local materials. He spoke exclusively to EYEGAMBIA about his project and his drive to do more for society.

The young innovator who has a background in electrical engineering and computer hardware and network engineering said he decided to apply the knowledge he acquired from school to help solve problems in society.

He disclosed to EYEGAMBIA that he makes the batteries which powers the bike from spoilt laptop batteries and other locally sourced materials. According to him, when charged, each battery can last for 120kms.

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Lawrence also told EYEGAMBIA that he is willing to train more people and also engage in mass production to rid society of fossil-built bikes. The young man however lamented about the lack of financial support for his works

“The support needed for this project is all about financing,” Lawrence said, adding that he currently gets “no support from any organization. I do self-financing for now”

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