Meet young Ghanaian innovator who builds paddle cars to boost tourism

This young Ghanaian draftsman cum engineer, Mr. Joseph Korley Tetteh, has been building innovative cars, bicycles, etc for years now. The young man who only holds a Junior High School certificate is currently, the chief executive officer of “seek Ye Bikes;” a company under which he produces these items. 

He disclosed that his actual work was draftsman but Joseph took a decision to commence the manufacturing of cars and bicycles way back in 2009. 

Speaking to a reporter, the Innovator who currently built a paddle car stated that, he “wanted to create something tourists could move around in when they visit our tourist sites and for large facilities or institutions. He added that the Paddle car which has so far gone viral was made with features similar to a bicycle but it has a steering wheel making it looks and feels like a car.

Due to financial constraints, Joseph does not produce on large scale. He explained that “these are prototypes. So I only manufacture on requests. If I get investors or partners to support financially, I will begin mass production.”

It was earlier reported that one eighteen-year-old Ghanaian JHS student called Kelvin Ordatey also manufactured a car which he drove to his graduation. The news went viral and fortunate enough, he got support from an engineer who helped him better put the car in good shape. Will Joseph also find help from an investor?

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