Meet young Nigerian farmer who grows crops in the air using Aeroponic techniques

Young Africans have over the past few years, demonstrated a strong interest In Agro-business to help the continent produce enough food for consumption and export. Key among this interest is the adoption of modern technological ways of farming which is environmentally friendly with crops produced across seasons with no direct restrictions.

On our list, is a young Nigerian called, Mr. Samson Ogbole, who grows crops in the air. Samson is the founder of Soilless Farms, a company with which he blends technology with Agriculture to produce different types of food crops.

He adopts Aeroponics process to grow the plants in the air. “In soilless growing, what we have been able to do is to remove the soil component, bring in substitutes and on your own, bring in the fertilizer for the plant to grow,” sampton said in an interview with CNN.

According to him, this type of farming comes with a lot of advantages including, growing at any time of the year, planting directly in urban areas and cities which helps to reduce costs on middlemen. He added that this process allows farmers to do away with pathogens in soils that sometimes affect plants.

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The young man is focused on pushing for zero hunger, wellbeing, and combat climate change among other goals which were crafted to promote the achievement and sustainability of some of the major sustainable development goals.

In a bid to spread or share his technological expertise with as many African youth as possible, the young man and his team developed practical courses to help others learn these modern ways of faming.

Mr. Samson Ogbole is highly optimistic in the developmental prowess of Africa, especially in terms of Agriculture. To him, “Africa is innovative and energetic with an undying hope.”

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