Mixed reactions: One Nigerian refused to fight Adesanya, another trained Błachowicz to defeat him

There has been mixed reactions since Nigerian born Israel Adesanya who happened to be the reigning middleweight champion tasted his first defeat to Jan Blachowicz. The main conversation starter came when the public got to know that, Blachowicz was trained by a Nigerian by name, Izu Ugonoh.

Prior to the fight, Jan Blachowicz was duly aware of the extent of damage Adesanya could cause with his unpredictable fighting style so he employed the services of the undefeated boxing champion Ugonoh. He trained Blachowicz to be familiar with Adesanya’s moves, contributing to his defeat.

Whilst some think that, Ugonoh who is a former kickboxer, boxer and now a mixed martial artist was just doing his job professionally, others saw it as a betrayal of the brotherhood. 

To add more spice to the conversation, those who are against what Ugonoh did argue with the earlier position of Kamaru Usman, a Nigerian fighter in the UFC who refused to ever fight his “home brother” Adesanya. 

Kamaru Usman is welterweight champion who hails from Edo State-Nigeria. He declared publicly that, he would ‘absolutely’ consider stepping up to 185 pounds after defeating Gilbert Burns to defend his title for the third time.

He has established that, he would never move up the rank into the Middleweight Championship where he will be made to fight his home boy, Adesanya. Kamaru said he would rather prefer “two Africans held belts than one African with two belts”.

He however said that, he would only consider fighting at that level if Israel Adesanya moves from up. Kamaru told ESPN that, “absolutely, absolutely. If Izzy’s willing to move up, well he is moving up, but if he’s willing to give up that 185 belt and says I have nothing to do with that anymore, then absolutely I would entertain that thought.” 

Where do you stand in this conversation? The Kamaru school of thought or the Ugonoh camp? Can the action of Ugonoh be considered a betrayal?

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