Mustapha Njie: The Pan African sustaining Africa’s Agricultural values through real estate

Modern real estate development is without doubt depleting Africa’s farmlands, gradually shifting focus from the agricultural values of the people of Africa to a more “white-color” system.

To address this concerning trend, Mustapha Njie, a Gambian and Pan-African Estate developer who is driving a housing revolution across Africa, has decided to provide residents of his Micro City; TAF City with the opportunity to engage in Agricultural activities such as Horticulture, Aquaculture, Hydroponics, Poultry and Animal Husbandry, Light industries, and others.

To make this possible, Mr. Njie is rolling out modern housing projects which makes available, large tracts of fertile land as well as thousands of seedlings to promote his cities’ green mission. He has also promised to help with afforestation at The TAF City.

The Pan-African developer revealed that, the provided space will serve both “subsistence and commercial purposes,” adding that, the initiative will go a long way to have positive effects on self- sufficiency and economic growth

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“Our proposition is to have Homeowners in TAF City, through intensive farming, grow what they eat and assist in lowering the costs of importation on some of these products. This will also boost our economy and bring foreign exchange as any excess will be for the open market and exportation,” he said.

TAF Africa Global, is a Pan-African estate company with focus to drive a housing revolution by providing one million affordable houses throughout the continent. The company is currently registered in seven (7) other African countries apart from The Gambia where it originates.

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