Namibia upholds stance against same-sex marriage in recent Court ruling

A recent ruling by Namibian court has affirmed the country’s position on the illegality of LGBTQ+. The South-West African country has joined the likes of Ghana, Burundi, Gambia, Kenya and others where the practice remains outlawed.

This Namibian High Court made a ruling against two homosexual couples who married outside Namibia but are pushing for the recognition of their union in the coubtry.

Daniel Digashu and Johan Potgieter held their marriage in South Africa while Anita Seiller-Lilles had theirs done in Germany.

The presiding judge, Hannelie Prinsloo upheld the earlier ruling of the Supreme court which declared same-sex marriage illegal.

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In their defence during the court proceedings, the gay couples argued that the word, ’spouse’ which in the Namibian immigration law should not exclude same-sex couples, else, that clause should rather be constitutional.

However, their position was shot down by the judge as the high court cited judgment by a Supreme Court ruling from two decades ago which outrightly barred the practice.

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