Namibian Traditional Leaders reject $1.3 billion Compensation from Germany

Some of the key traditional leaders in Namibia have rejected the financial offer from Germany purported to compensate the country for the mass killing of over 65,000 Namibians during the German colonial rule.

According to Namibian Newspaper, the New Era, some chiefs who were initially part of the negotiation have strongly opposed the deal, arguing that, the terms have changed from what they agreed on.

“We feel that what is being offered is too little, an insult to our community and totally different to what we, the chiefs, have agreed on. Things that we agreed on has been changed and what we are seeing in the agreement deal is just peanuts,” they said.

The group of opposing chiefs added that “what the Germans are willing to pay is something in like 1.1 billion Euros over a period of 30 years and that is not what we agreed on.”

A Paramount chief identified as Vekuii Rukoro told reporters that, “when German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier comes to Namibia to render the apology we will embarrass him.”

Tribal chiefs’ integrity ‘under threat’
Traditional Leaders

The rejection and follow-up comments were made after the Namibian technical committee consulted these chiefs for a review of the documents and a further endorsement for the agreement to be sealed.

Historical documents prove that Germany’s rule over its colony Namibia was fraught with brutish treatments. A rebellion by the locals against colonial control resulted in a genocide which took the lives of about 65,000 Herero people. Additionally, at least 10,000 Nama people were also killed and an unknown number of San people equally died.

Whilst some were killed in battle, forced labor, sexual abuse, etc, a large number of deaths were recorded through hunger and thirst after the German forces forced them into the desert without food and water.

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