New Jersey: White professor sues college because his black colleagues earn $45,000 more than him

In New Jersey, a white professor is suing his college for racial discrimination after discovering that his two black colleagues make at least $45,000 more than he does.

According to NJ.com, Mr. William T. Lavell, 66, found out about the pay gap from the state’s public record and is now suing for $150, 000 in damages.

Lavel who teaches chemistry at the college argues that the two black engineering professors – Melvin Roberts and Lawrence Chat have similar tenure and qualification as him thus the pay gap is ‘unjustifiable’. 

Lavell taught in the college for 26 years, five years less than Roberts and 4 years less than Chatman’s 30 years experience at the college. The lawsuit also argues that Lavell has more professional degrees in his field of specialization than his two black colleagues.

Record shows Melvin Roberts’ current salary in $137, 157 and Chatman’s is $142, 606 while Lavell’s earns $91, 923 at the same period. 

It is stated that Mr. Lavell complained last year to the college president regarding his situation and other similar racial disparities involving non-Caucasian colleagues within the college.

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