New Scramble For and Petition of African: 8 Summits Organize for African States

Major economic strongholds and former colonial powers turned imperialists across the globe have adopted a new trend of organizing “summits” for African States, as the new-fangled countenance of “scramble for and petition” of the continent continues to manifest.  Most of these “summits” or “forums” as they are sometimes referred to are organized in the pretext of strengthening the trade, investment and security of the continent. However, it remains that the ordinary African citizenry have not benefited from these summits in any way.

Below are eight (8) of the summits organized for African State:

  1. India Africa Forum Summit
  2. Brazil Africa Forum
  3. United States–Africa Leaders Summit
  4. Russia African Summit
  5. France Africa Summit
  6. Germany Africa summit (Compact)
  7. China Africa summit (Forum on China Africa Cooperation)
  8. EU Africa Summit

Among other reasons, competing strong global economies like China and America use these summits to stamp their influence in the political process of the continent while ripping the economic reimbursements that come along with it. Policies of interest to these nations are also perused through these summits.

Equally of a disadvantage, the summits provide an opportunity for Africans states to be lured into the “aid traps” set by these nations.

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Many African citizens have argued that the resources alone wasted on attending these summits could significantly contribute towards several sectors of development in the continent.

As the continent struggles for political unity and influence over global governance, the submissive nature and endorsement of these summits by African leaders is strongly opposed by many in the continent.

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