Nigeria: Councilor uses car allowance to build a bridge for her community

A female Councillor identified as Hon. Onem Miracle Tyna has since received plaudits from the general public, especially Nigerians for using her Car allowance to build a bridge for her community.

It is a norm that councilors are given money to purchase official vehicles for their daily work; instead of doing so, the councilor rather built a bridge to link two communities in Ogbia, Bayelsa State to ensure easy mobility of humans and commodities.

She disclosed that she decided to take up the project after a meeting with the local leaders; “when I met with the community chiefs and told them that I would like to embark on the bridge project, they told me to do another project that the bridge project will be too heavy for me. I told them I will do it.” she said.

“If this is the only thing I can do for the people as their councilor, then I must do it. If you are driving a car from the other end, you will have to park, then cross over before taking another vehicle, Keke, or bike to your destination, it was not easy for the people”. She added.

The councillor stated further that, “this is the sacrifice I have to make for my people. This is more important to me than driving a car at the moment”.

Her story has so far gone viral. Dominant among the commentaries on this story is the fact that her act is unusual. Normally in Nigeria and other parts of Africa and the world, people offered such opportunities purchase vehicles with their allowances without thinking of anything like this.

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