Nigeria deploys 144 police personnel to help boost security in Somalia

The Nigerian government has deployed a total of 144 police personnel as part of African Union’s mission to help beef up security and stabilize situations in Somalia. The team of officers was tasked to mentor and support police in Somalia.

“A contingent of 144 police officers from Nigeria on Saturday arrived in Somalia, to serve under the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) for a period of one year, during which they will mentor and provide operational support to the Somali Police Force (SPF)” AMISON said in a statement dated April 18, 2021 on its official website.

AMISON’s Police operations coordinator, DCP Daniel Ali Gwambal said, “they are here in order to fulfil the mandate of AMISOM with regards to operational support to the Somalis and at the same time to mentor the Somali Police Force.”

“There are certain specific duties that are also incumbent on them to perform while they are here such as regular patrols at checkpoints, guard static duties and other duties that involve general policing.” He added. 

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AMISON in its earlier statement expressed confidence in its newly deployed officers to do the job; “the arrival of the new contingent is a major boost to law and order efforts, as they will be working in concert with their Somali counterparts in ensuring improved security in liberated areas.” AMISON wrote. 

Commander of the newly deployed unit, (SP) Samuel Ita, also added that, “we have come to play our part towards the restoration of lasting peace here in Somalia. We intend to train and mentor the Somali police to ensure that they meet international standards.”

Somalia has been battling series of attacks by militant group, Al-shabaab which keeps targeting and destroying prominent facilities in the country; in recent occurrences, the insurgent group launched an attack on a central prison in Bosaso city to free over 400 inmates, resulting in the death of eight soldiers. This and many other attacks posed threats to lives and properties in Somalia, hence the establishment of the peace mission.

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