Nigeria extradites citizen to US over $148,000 fraud; news sparks conversation over extradition law.

Authorities in Nigeria have extradited a citizen identified as Adedunmola Gbadegesin to face trials over a $148,000 fraud.

According to the details, the above person was arrested in Nigeria for allegedly defrauding an American lady of the said amount.

The Nigerian government which announced the arrest and the follow-up extradition explained that, it did so at the request of the US government.

However, monitored reaction to the news revealed a shared pattern of conversation. Whilst critics condemned in no uncertain terms the act of fraud, they have questioned the unilateral nature of extradition relationships between the West and Africa.

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“Will America ever allow its citizen to be tried in Nigeria in respect of international extradition? Many people committed crimes in Africa including genocides but have never respected this law,” a comment reads.

Do you think international extradition law is fair to African countries?

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