Nigeria invites bids from Russia, South Korea, to build a Nuclear Power Plant – Minister says

Nigerian, Africa’s most populous country with the biggest economy on the continent has commenced a bidding process towards the construction of a 4000 megawatts nuclear power plant following global security concerns.

Dr Yau Idris, the Director General of the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Agency revealed the country’s plans on Nuclear during the Nigerian International Energy Summit which was held in Abuja few days ago.

Dr. Idris, whilst delivering his speech shot down the perception that, Nigeria cannot manage a Nuclear plant and also assured of the construction. “It is wrong to think that Nigeria can’t manage a nuclear power plant. There are mechanisms put in place that ensure any country can build a nuclear power plant.” He said.

He added that, “Nigeria is trying to deliver 4,000MW of electricity through nuclear power. We are trying to construct four units and we are at the bidding stage.”

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Reports quote Dr. Idris to have added that, the country has already invited bids from the likes of Russia, Pakistan, South Korea and France for the construction of the plant.

An earlier BBC report filed in 2017 mentioned that, Russia has already signed a deal with the Nigerian government to build two nuclear power plants in the west African country to help resolve its energy crisis.

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