Nigeria: Lady sued a man for failed marriage and won $10k plus a car

A twitter user identified as Valerian Nwadike has narrated how a Nigerian woman was allegedly compensated with 5 million naira( $10,000) and a car after she sued a man for jilting her after a failed marriage promise.

According to Valerian, who in this context is supposed to be part of her legal team, the man in question promised her client marriage but abandoned her after their engagement just to end up marrying someone else.

Valerian Nwadike wrote on Twitter that, “Someone promised our client marriage, they got engaged and he later broke her heart by marrying another. Long story short, we sued and he pleaded we settle out of court. He paid my client 5m got a car in compensation. We agreed to the terms and settled out of court.”

Valerian further advised others who find themselves in such situation to go ahead and sue. “Our pleadings was top tier by the way! So hey, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SUE. IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE by the way!” she wrote.

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“See the Supreme court decision in Ezennah vs Atta (2004) 2 S.C. (Pt11) pg 75 see also Mabamije vs Otto (2016) LPELR 26058 (SC). Here Ms. Mabamije issue was that Mr. Otto breached his promise to marry her, and for that reason, she claimed a whooping N20 million as damages.” Valerian added.

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