Nigeria legalizes lifestyle audit targeting people with inexplicable income sources

A top government associate identified as Lauretta Onochie has revealed that, lifestyle audit is now legal in the West African country.

In practice, lifestyle audit is a proactive mechanism used to unravel corruption and fraudulent activities by matching an individual’s living standards against his/her income streams.

The inconsistencies of which results in further investigations and punishments if found guilty of any inexplicable income source or under dealings.

The lady who is said to be President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant made the announcement concerning the new law on her official social media handle.

“Lifestyle audit is now legal in Nigeria. Those who cannot afford can now be investigated by any of the graft agencies to produce evidence of the sources of their wealth. You can now be called upon to explain how you acquired certain properties.” She wrote.

Her Twit has generated a lot of debate with many enquiring to know if the law will be fair enough to question the elite and political class regarding their overnight riches following assumption of political or government office.
The fears of the youth however is that, the law may have been introduced as a tool to legitimize the already existing youth targeted police victimization and brutalities in the name of “stop and search” as being widely protested against in the popular ENDSARS campaign.

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