Nigeria: Man dies after pastor sprayed perfume on him while holding a lit candle

A socialite and a member of the Celestial Church of Christ identified as Mr. Kayode Badru has reportedly died tragically after a pastor sprayed a perfume all over his body whilst he was holding a candle. 

According to reports including one on CelestialNewsOnline website, Mr. Kayode who was Dubai based visited the church in Lagos-Nigeria  to congratulate and celebrate with some graduating students he personally gave scholarships to.

A relative of the deceased narrated that,“while kneeling down, a prophet began to spray perfume on his body and he also held one candle in his hands surrounded by seven elders. Within a few minutes, his body was on fire due to his closeness to the candle sticks and strong attraction from the perfume.”

He added that, He (Mr. Kayode) was rushed to a hospital in Gbagada, where he eventually died. But before he died, he told me, my brother, I heard a voice telling me, ‘is this how you are going to end your life’ and immediately I tried to understand what that means and all I heard was an explosion and I was feeling so hot with fire burning me.”

The Gentleman who identifies as brother to the deceased disclosed that the pastor who committed the act took to his hills but was later arrested together with some church elders. “The shepherd in charge of the act, prophet Felix Alebiosu, ran away immediately after the incident was reported at Panti. We went to arrest his dad, hours later he surfaced and the father was released the following day but he (Felix) came into the police custody without being remorseful.” 

He further revealed that the incident could have been deliberate due to the fact that his brother (Mr. Kayode) informed him about some financial issues with the pastor(Felix Alebiosu) who committed the crime.

“My brother told me that the incident wasn’t natural and that if he died in this case, his death would fight back.” the supposed brother said, adding that, “my brother told me about some money involving him and Felix, the shepherd. There is more to it than meet the eyes.” He added whilst alleging that, “the police at Panti seems not taking the matter seriously as I learnt he is being treated like a VIP.”

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