Nigeria: Minister summons Chinese firm over poor pace of construction

Nigeria’s minister for Transportation, Rotimi Amechi reportedly summoned a Chinese construction company CCECC, over the poor pace of ongoing work on the University of Transportation project located at Daura in Katsina state.

The Minister expressed a disappointment in the performance of the firm during his recent tour and immediately asked for a meeting with the contractors in his office. According to him, “the expectation is that by now they should have been able to complete nearly all the buildings but they said they are doing it in phases.”

“If they continue at that pace it will take like 10 years for them to complete all the buildings. We have invited them to the office on Tuesday to explain why instead of taking the buildings at the same time, they are taking just two hostels, two classrooms. That is not enough.” He said.

He added that, “the entire thing we agreed with them was that they were going to do a project worth $50million both management and construction and they have not done that here.

“They chose to do what they consider to be phase 1 and they said by next year when they admit students, they would be constructing the phase 2.

Upon completion and five more years of management and maintenance by the Chinese contractors, the building is expected to be handed over to the Nigerian government for further management. The project was reported to have begun in December 2019 and its completion was set to be in September 2021 but its already lagging behind.

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