Nigeria opens up visa-on-arrival access to all African countries

According to the Nigeria government, African visa holders will be able to apply for passports the moment they land in the country a statement reveals.

The move is an attempt by the West African giant at encouraging and easing the free circulation of people on the continent.

Speaking on Wednesday in Egypt in the Aswan Forum on peace and sustainable development, Present Muhammadu Buhari made the announcement, the president outlined the measures his country has taken in tackling the traveling problem.

“We in Nigeria have already taken the strategic decision to bring down barriers that have hindered the free movement of our people within the continent by introducing the issuance of visa at the point of entry into Nigeria to all persons holding passports of African countries with effect from January 2020,” Buhari said.
“We should furthermore promote free trade within and amongst Africa and Africans especially now that we have launched the African Free Trade Area Agreement,” he added.

He went on to appeal for massive investment in Africa’s transportation infrastructure.

Nigeria is Africa’s biggest economy and market with some 190 million inhabitants. Along with Benin, it was one of the last nations to join the new African free trade zone in July.
The goal is to become the world’s largest free trade zone by cutting trade tariffs and barriers for 1.2 billion people.
The new market is set to become active in 2020 as negotiations continue to manage its progressive implementation.
In contrast to its aims of a free flow of trade, Nigeria in late August .

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