Nigeria reveals plan to sell “unused” power to four West African countries

Amidst Nigeria’s long-standing power challenges, the government has announced plans to sell unused power to four West African countries as part of a $570 million Northcore Power Transmission Line deal. Togo, Niger, Benin and Burkina Faso have been identified as the beneficiaries of this initiative.

The announcement was made by Engr. Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz who is the acting Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and Chairman of the Executive Board of the West African Power Pool (WAPP).

“The country will be getting new generators to participate in the energy export for the 875 kilometre 330 kilovolts transmission line which would run from Nigeria through the four countries,” He said. 

“The power we will be selling is the power that is not needed in Nigeria. These generators that are going to supply power to this transmission line are going to generate that power specifically for this project. So it is an unutilised power.” Mr Abdulaziz added.

He further revealed plans by the government to extend electricity to communities along the transmission lines. “In addition, there are some communities that are under the line route, about 611 of them which will be getting power so that there won’t be just a transmission line passing without impact.”

Reports from the Transmission company disclosed that the $570 million project which is expected to span over a two-year period will be funded partly by international donors such as, World Bank, French Development Council and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

“The cost is about $570 million and the part of the investment in each country is funded by the country and they are supported by the donors, and Nigeria is taking its own.” Siengui Appolinaire Ki, Secretary General of WAPP said.

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