Nigeria to lift Twitter ban as platform meets government’s conditions

Recall that, the Nigerian government earlier banned Micro blogging platform Twitter from operating after the platform deleted a post made by President Muhammadu Buhari’s account.

Following the announcement, the government instituted a technical committee which spelt out to the platform, some conditions to meet to be given an opportunity to operate.

These conditions include, payment of taxes to the government, opening of an office in Nigeria, the presence of a representative from the country, registration of with the Nigerian corporate Affairs commission, getting licensed by the National Broadcasting Commission among others.

Reports say the government is in the process of lifting the bans following Twitter’s compliance with the conditions. According to local media, the President is expected to receive and act upon reports from the technical commission.

A source which spoke to reporters said that, “President Buhari has agreed in principle to lift the ban but we have to consider the conditions and what Twitter offered. Some aspects have IT implications which the Technical Committee must study in the overall interest of the nation. Once the President gets the report of the committee, he will decide.”

The source added that, “with payment of taxes, we are hopeful that the government will earn enhanced revenue from Twitter. This ban has helped to correct the lapses of the past. For instance, Twitter has been raking huge cash from Nigeria without legal backing and compliance with our revenue laws.”

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