Nigerian genius celebrated for leading the manufacture of electric car in Turkey

A young Nigeria engineer named Abbas Jibrin has been celebrated widely for raising the flag of the country up high even at a younger age of 21 years.

Mr. Jibrin was reported to have headed a team of engineers who produced a modern electronic car in Turkey.

“Nigerian engineering genius, Abbas Jibrin, was head of the team that designed and manufactured this electric car in Turkey at the age of 21,” the report said.

Ever since the announcement was made online, the young genius has been receiving plaudits from all over the world, especially Africans.

Jibrin has joined the increasing number of Africans, particularly Nigerians who are doing extremely well in sectors such as technological innovation, health, business among others.

Even though the news made headlines, it was met with mixed reactions. A considerable number of the feedbacks as monitored by EyeGambia concentrated on the devastating effects of braindrain on the African cotinent.

Currently, a growing number of African youth are doing so well in foreign countries at the expense of their countries of origin. What can Africa do to deal with the issue of brain drain?

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