Nigerian lawmakers debate the decolonization of Lagos streets

Nigeria’s elected officials are demanding the Lagos state governor, to consider the removal of the names of colonialists from their streets to discard the “reminders of colonialism and slavery.”

Many streets in the capital have been named after colonialists, which many consider unacceptable and also as symbols for perpetuating colonial agendas.

The speaker of the house, Mr. Mudashiru Obasa stated that, “Some of the names remind us of these people that enslaved our people,” he further added that, “Those who dehumanized Africans should not be celebrated,”

A consensus is yet to be reached on the issue before the house as some of the members hold contrary views. If approved, the Lagos state may see the renaming of Lugard Avenue, Bourdillon Road, Victoria Island, among many other structures.

This demand from the Nigerian lawmakers follows the recent petition by the Ugandan and Sudanese citizens for their government to rename streets, monuments and landmarks labeled after colonialists. Is the wind of awakening gradually blowing on the continent?

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