Nigerian man builds sports car using scraps from dustbins

A young Nigerian man called Amalu Chikamso, builds a sports car using scraps from dustbins. His invention has gone viral, attracting several reactions.

Amalu told reporters that, people thought he was mad when he began his escapade of moving from one dumpsite to another in search for scraps.

He narrated that, his search made him become conversant with almost all the dustbins and trash sites in Enugu, eastern region of Nigeria. He would spend his entire day, morning till night scampering for scraps.

The 21year-old revealed that, building a car has always been a childhood dream. He recalled that, as a child, he would always find himself playing with plastics which eventually turns into a toy car.

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He added further that, on his way to school back in the days, he would stop over at a dumpsite to pick scraps for his works before continuing his journey. Eventually, he went on to build his first helicopter prototype.

Though his works are praiseworthy, he noted that, he never got any form of support. Lack of support made him almost give up but he still continued with a mindset of building things that were real instead of just prototypes.

He went on to build his first car that had the engine of a manual Golf vehicle. Unfortunately, the engine knocked. He eventually got an automatic engine and designed it in a way the car wouldn’t somersault in a case of an accident. At the moment, he is still not done with his dreams. He is still interested in going into a tertiary institution to get a degree but more interested in acquiring more knowledge in mechanical engineering.

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