Nigerian President Buhari seeks France’s help in terror fight

Recent terrorist threats on  Nigerian’s sovereignty has moved the country’s   President, Muhammadu Buhari  to seek France’s Assistance in its  anti-terror cooperation  to defeat terrorism in the West African region and beyond. 

The Former Military leader  and the current Head of State, is part of leaders from Africa currently in Paris for the France-African summit. 

According to President Buhari, ‘jihadists’ had taken advantage of the outbreak of  the Covid-19 pandemic to unleash terror on innocent people and organisations across the Sahel, especially across Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger as well as around the Lake Chad Basin. 

The 78 year-old leader noted that the Lake Chad Basin has been Boko Haram’s safe haven where  they  terrorize  target nations  and spread back into Nigeria. 

President Buhari further indicated that both  Nigeria and France should strengthen their anti-terror cooperation to enable the two countries  defeat  groups like Boko Haram in the Sahel region . 

“We know France has borne much of the strain for combating terrorism in the region. We, the leaders of Sahel countries, must also do more to present a unified front to lobby other Western nations, particularly Great Britain and the United States and the European Union for further military and humanitarian assistance,’’ he said. 

President Buhari  expressed worry over the  Libyan crisis adding that it has  flooded  the whole region with weapons, which  makes dispute resolution even more difficult and deadly. 

“It is upon these conditions, the lies and propaganda of terrorists who falsely claim to be Islamists promising salvation can find an audience,’’ he said. 

“The solution must therefore be two pronged. If we do not improve those conditions, it leaves our people vulnerable to indoctrination, as one is vulnerable to Covid-19 without a vaccine,’’ President Buhari concluded .

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