Nigerian Youth Idolize Scammers – Ex-Nigerian Oil Minister

Ex-Nigerian oil minister accused of $2 billion fraud said Nigerian youths idolize scammers.

The former Minister for petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke has lamented in a viral video about the rate at which Nigerian youth are normalizing fraud in the country and actually idolizing those who engage in such act.

She was heard referring to such people in the popular video as, “the ones that have swag, the Yahoo Yahoo boys as my son would say; these, in short, are the role models they are looking at. These are the ones that reinforce negative societal norms and values”.

This comment did not go down well with many Nigerians, especially celebrities who expressed their dissatisfaction through widespread mockery.

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The irony of the story is that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is currently investigating the former minister for an alleged $2 billion fraud, a mark many thoughts stripped her off any moral right to speak on fraud-related issues.

The latest celebrity to call her out for her comment was famous musician and actor, Folarin Falana, known by stage name as Falz. Shortly after the video went viral, he posted a picture of the Minister on his Instagram handle and stated, “you are on the run, but your mouth still dey run. Who be Yahoo Yahoo girl if no be you?”

His comment has further escalated the issue; The Minister has been in the United Kingdom since the issue started in 2015 without returning home.

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