Omar al-Bashir on trial over $25m Scandal

The recent commotion about Sudan’s former president, Omar al-Bashir swindling state resources is still ongoing. He is charged with possessing illicit foreign currency and corruption at a trial where he is struggling to prove his innocence.

He stated last week that he hasn’t used or received money for his own benefit. That the said amount was received from Saudi Arabia and other sources. “I used the money for private donations to various parties,” including medical services, a university, an Islamic media channel, and urgent fuel provision, he said.

During testimonies in court on Saturday, it was revealed by Bashir’s last manager that it was only the president that had access to a room in the presidential palace holding millions of euros.

Yasser Basheer confirmed that he was given more than 10 million euros’ ($11 million) cash for delivery to different people by the president in the final months of his rule.

An accountant at the International University of Africa, Abdelmoneim Mohamed, a private institution with links to Islamists, also testified in Bashir’s defence that he had given the university’s director and deputy director 4 million euros in cash.

Bashir still denies the charges levied against him. The next hearing is set for Sept. 14.

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