Ousted Alpha Conde flown to Turkey for medical treatment

Guinea’s ousted president, Alpha Conde was flown to Turkey to get medical treatment subject to conditions spelt out by the military regime.

ECOWAS earlier made a request to the country’s interim leader, Colonel Doumbouya to grant the former President some time for medical assessment outside the country.

The military junta granted the request tagged to a condition that Alpha Conde cannot be away from Guinea for more than one month except on the advice of medical professionals.

These conditions were made known by the National Rally and Development Committee (CNRD), which masterminded the deposition of Conde in September.

The deposition of the 83-year-old Conde by the military junta happened in September 2021 with the army stating reasons including attempts to nurse the agenda of a third term in power.

Following the coup, the incoming military junta was welcomed with lots of condemnation by ECOWAS, African Union, Guinea’s neighbours and international communities. It did not stop at condemnation alone; African Union and the 15-nation bloc of ECOWAS went ahead to suspend Guinea.

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