Outrage as African mask is sold for 4.2m euros in France despite protest

Despite protests from some concerned Africans, an auction house in Paris – France over the weekends sold some historic treasures which protesters referred to as “colonial ill-gotten gain.” The sale of the items has generated outrage online.

The items auctioned on Sunday included a historic Mask from Central Africa and a Congolese Chair.

The Mask which is said to have come from Central Africa, specifically the Fang people of Gabon was sold at 4.2 million Euros but the bidder ended up paying 5.2 million Euros due to added costs.

Additionally, a historic Chair from Congo was also sold for 44,000 Euros amidst claims by the auctioneer that the process was legal.    

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The protestors who were present said “We’ll file a complaint. Our ancestors, my ancestors, from the Fang community, we will recover this object.”

Many of Africa’s treasures which were looted during the colonial era have been auctioned across Europe. In recent time, there has been a general campaign by young Africans demanding repatriation of such items as they occupy significant aspects of Africa’s history.  

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