Outrage as blackman loses his life after kneels on his neck

The death of a black man identified as George Floyd has since sparked a worldwide outrage as thousands of people protest against the systematic racism and injustices against black people over the years and as well seek justice for the deceased.

George Floyd died on Monday after a Minneapolis officer was seen in a viral video kneeling on his neck for several minutes whilst he screams for his life till he became motionless.

The protest was very intense across the United States, especially in Minneapolis where the incident occurred to the extent of the police arming themselves in riot gears to fire teargas and rubber bullets into the crowd.

Many people among the rioting crowd were holding cards bearing tags such as, “I cannot breathe”, “Don’t kill me” which were the last words of George Floyd.

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Bridget Floyd, Sister to the deceased stated that “Me and my family are taking this very, very hard. It’s very heartbreaking, it’s very disturbing.”

In a new development, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced that the four officers involved in the act have been fired. However, many are still questioning why “waste a black life and get merely fired” has become a routine while the system still continues with the root causes unresolved. May his soul rest in peace.


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