Outrage as Ghanaian school admits foreigners with long hairs but denies Ghanaian Rastafarian admission

There has been a general outrage in Ghana following a decision by the Ghana Education Service to deny a brilliant 16-year old Ghanaian Rastafarian admission into a High School because of his hairstyle.

According to the School which is Achimota Senior High, the laws guiding education in Ghana does not allow for students to be admitted with such kind of hairstyle.

However, in a more dramatic twist, available evidence shows that, the same school has since been admitting foreign students with equally long hairs which is against the law they are subjecting the Ghanaian Rastafarians to.

In an absurd explanation, an official of NAGRAT, one of Ghana’s educational associations reportedly justified that, when foreign students cut their hair, they look ugly that’s why they allow them; he further argued wrongly that, the law does not apply to them.

The 16-year old student and his Dad.

This development has generated an outrage in Ghana with concerned people calling for fairness in the application of the law. Another interesting side of the conversations states that, the laws are colonial laws which must be amended to accommodate the needs of all interest groups with immediate effect.

Currently, local media outlets reported that, father of the 16-year old who was denied admission is currently receiving psychological treatment. “There have been damages because the boy went through a whole lot of trauma. We had to take the child to a psychiatric hospital because of the fact that he was traumatized by the whole issue.” Mr. Ras Asward Nkrabea told reporters.

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