“overhaul the entire UN peace and security architecture;” Ramaphosa criticizes the UN security council

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for a total overhaul of the United Nations Security Council for lack of representation. According to him, the council in its current state is just a tool for powerful countries to dictate and project their decisions over other members, especially developing countries.  

He revealed that, the existing rot in the security council was further amplified by the Russia-Ukraine crisis. “The conflict has exposed the inability of the UN Security Council to fulfil its mandate of maintaining international peace and security,” he said.

In a speech in Pretoria ahead of the recent vote by the council to suspend Russia’s membership, the president said “the current formation of the UN Security Council is outdated and unrepresentative. It disadvantages countries with developing economies.”

He proposed drastic measures to help reposition the organization in line with its vision and objectives. According to him, “the entire peace and security architecture of the United Nations needs to be overhauled”.

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Ramaphosa believes that, utmost respect for diverse views but not a hijack by the so called powers is the only way the council can execute its mandate as expected. He called for democratization “so that the Council can be true to its mandate and move beyond the paralysis brought about by a few member states.”

Adding further that, “we need to curb the unilateral actions of these countries to shape global politics through aggression and other coercive measures like the imposition of unilateral sanctions.”

This is not the first time the President is being unconventional in terms of criticism regarding the ongoing crisis. He initially blamed NATO, saying “the war could have been avoided if NATO had heeded the warnings from amongst its own leaders and officials over the years that its eastward expansion would lead to greater, not less, instability in the region.”

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