“Owning a house in Africa gives me a peace of mind, I am experiencing so much freedom” – African-American writer

In the past decades, the continent of Africa was largely disconnected to its children living in the western hemisphere due to the consistency of foreign media misrepresentation which portrays Africa as a monolithic place ravaged by war, poverty, and diseases. 

However, in recent years, Africans have taken control of their own stories by countering the negative imagery the media created of the continent. African musicians, movie producers, realtors, media firms like EYEGAMBIA took it upon themselves to enlighten the world about the beauty of the continent – its nature, modern infrastructure, diverse culture and people.

Such collective endeavor has rejuvenated the image of the continent and helped Africans in the diaspora learn more about the continent. Over the years, we have witnessed an influx of Africans in the Caribbean, North America and Europe visiting the continent to connect with the Motherland. Some of the new returnees have already started investing in businesses and housing properties on the continent.

Among those is Gaby Straker, an African-American woman from Atlanta who recently acquired and built a property in The Gambia through TAF AFRICA GLOBAL, a Pan-African real estate company with presence in eight African countries.

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In an interview, Gaby rejoices over the joy of acquiring a property on the continent with less hurdles as the Pan-African estate firm made the journey easy for her: “It gives me a peace of mind to know that I actually own a house in Africa now…”; I have a really nice neighbors and we say hi to each other all the time,” She said.

According to Gaby, she prefers living in The Gambia than in Atlanta. “I prefer a stress-free life, there is so much of freedom that I experience here compared to living in Atlanta.”

Gaby is one of the thousands of African diasporans who are buying properties in Africa. With the help of Pan-African real estate companies like TAF, the process has become easier and reliable.

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