Pan-African millionaire set to build a manufacturing hub to boost Africa’s economy

The agenda to move Pan-Africanism beyond rhetoric into a development-oriented phase with real time investment has gotten a major boost as Ghanaian Pan-African millionaire, Nana Kwame Bediako Known popularly as Freedom Jacob Cesar has commenced an infrastructural revolution aimed at boosting the economy of Africa.

With a vision of building a “new Africa,” the Real Estate Mogul who best describes himself as a “street incorporated self-made entrepreneur,” owns many companies through which he builds State of the art facilities on the continent, especially West Africa. The most visible among his projects is the Petronia City, a self-sustaining Free Zones manufacturing hub situated in the Western Region of Ghana.

The facility which is being created on 2000 acres of land is aimed mainly at the development of Africa’s oil, gas and mining sectors through the construction of high-capacity plants and pipeline infrastructure to help in exploration and also attract investors.

The project comes in phases; the first phase of the city which covers a space of 70 acres will concentrate on basic infrastructure such as Electricity, Water, road networks, hotels, schools, clinics, shopping mall etc. The Energy City will come second followed by a Golf City which will be made up of luxury villas, clubhouses, apartments, a lush landscape etc.

In order to achieve its self-sustainability, Petronia City has been designed to have its own systems for power generation, including renewable energy, water treatment, recycling plants, aluminum and bauxite production plants to leverage on the resources in the sub region. The following phases shall focus on a multi-purpose stadium and an Oil and Gas University.

Nana Kwame Bediako and friend Floyd Mayweather

The young man who was recently awarded by Forbes for his philanthropic works credited the progress of the project to the “consent of over sixty-five families, twelve chiefs and three sub-division chiefs,” adding that “these are men and women I invested time and energies in meeting with on a regular basis to ensure they were aware of and involved in the three-staged process to turn acres upon acres of African land into an industrial free trade zone and investment community, a Silicon Valley-esque energy city and a digital hub, with residential and commercial applications that we are only now in the process of fully exploring.”

Speaking to a reporter, the investor cum philatelist said his contribution to Africa’s emerging industrial revolution is a dream come true. “I had been dreaming for a long time, and decided to wake up and do something that would change my country and my continent,” he said whilst adding in a separate interview that, “if there is any chance for the world to come together to create lasting change, it is here in Africa.”

“We are not asking for charity…we are letting the world know that change is on the way; it’s manifest destiny, so to speak, as has been inevitable and as proponents of that change, we welcome informing your readers, keeping them abreast of our breaking a longstanding oligarchy of dependency on the continent of Africa that will provide resource and opportunity for generations to come around the world” he said

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