Persons vaccinated in Africa and co are considered unvaccinated – UK government reveals

The United Kingdom has said people who received their Covid-19 vaccine in Africa, India, and certain other places will be considered as “unvaccinated” when they travel and will be treated as such.

Alex Macheras who is an Aviation Analyst made this known on Twitter: ‘UK government confirm tonight that if a person has been vaccinated in Africa, or South America, or countries including UAE, India, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Russia, you are considered “unvaccinated” and must follow “unvaccinated” rules = 10 day home quarantine & tests.’

Countries whose vaccines are not recognized are reportedly not happy with the UK and Ministers from some of the countries have made their grievances known.

Questions have been raised as to why the UK will only acknowledge those vaccinated in the listed countries, and pointed out that some countries left out of the list administered the exact same vaccines as the vaccines being administered in the UK.

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Macheras alleged that, one of these country’s ministers said, “In our first meeting with Liz Truss, UK new Foreign Secretary, we expect her to explain why our Pfizer jabs are supposedly different to Pfizer jabs in the UK or Europe.”

Macheras has stressed that it is “quite something for the UK to take such a stance against so many countries for their vaccine rollouts… especially those countries administering the *exact same* vaccines as UK (Pfizer/AZ/Moderna/etc).

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