Petition to make Dr. Arikana and PLO Lumumba the Next AU Heads is gaining momentum

An online petition intercepted by EYEGAMBIA which is purported to advocate for Dr. Arikana Chihombori-Quao and PLO Lumumba to be made the next African Union Commission chair and Deputy has attracted attention from a lot of Africans across the globe.

Bovet Maloba, the one who initiated this advocacy equally suggested that the two main people should be surrounded and advised by the likes of H.E Jerry John Rawlings, Mo Ibrahim the Sudanese Billionaire, Julius Sello Malema, Professor Nicolas Agbohou among others.

The petition which targets 10,000 signatures has so far hit almost hundred percent within a shorter period of time which shows the level of seriousness attached to this particular campaign. Read the full petition below:


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“There is a time and season for everything under the sun. A time to be born and a time to die.

A time for war and a time for peace”.

This is a time for something new in the African continent, we will tear and mend the African Union.

After decades of AGONY, TRAVAIL & MANIPULATION, Africans at home and abroad have decided to put an end to this suffering, servitude and deprivation.

We exhort our presidents to listen and act, as this could be the most serious demand Africans have ever made to its leadership. We put our ears to the ground to congratulate all the leaders who will yield to this request.

We the children of Africa humbly wish and request Dr Arikana Chihombori -Quao and Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba popularly known as PLO Lumumba, should be the next Chair & deputy chair of the African Union Commission.

Also, that the above two great leaders should be surrounded and advised by tough Africans like H.E Jerry John Rawlings, Mo Ibrahim the Sudanese Billionaire, Julius Sello Malema,

Professor Nicolas Agbohou, Dr. Samuel Mathey, the father of zero, Kemi Seba born as Stellio Gilles Robert & our Nigerian daughter Adeola Oledele Fayehum who will be a future treasure to Africa.

Africa has thousands of outstanding intellectuals who are adding their contributions to the advancement of this prestigious continent but we don’t have space to name them all. We should note that those we propose to advise and work closely with Dr Arikana and PLO Lumumba were not contacted, it’s just a random list of some extraordinary Africans whose track records are unparalleled and can be easily verified.

We are not ignorant of the undue influence and pressure exerted on the African leaders and people by the former colonial masters. We are also aware that the people of East Asia through their debt contracts have also trapped our continent and expose us to severe additional servitude.

Although some of you are incompetent and corrupt, we don’t doubt that some of you are great leaders but rendered helpless by foreign influence. Our request to hand over power of AU Commission to these two proposed iconic figures was arrived at, after carefully considering the vulnerability of all sitting African heads of state each time they commit to rescue and enhance the prosperity of their countries or the continent.

Consequently, we the people of Africa have decided to demolish the status quo. Although the African continent remains the richest in natural resources, arable land and youthful population, she is still considered the wretched of the earth. This submission should mark the beginning of better days to come. People of Africa, reflect, sign this petition & rejoice for things will never be the same again.The time for collective action is NOW.

Our son Moussa Faki has tried his best but he can’t offer more than he has. Africa is giving this lofty responsibilities to Dr Arikana Chihombori and PLO Lumumba because of their high calling and purpose. Again don’t hesitate to sign this petition. Share it in all platforms to get all sons and daughters of our motherland have their imprints on this historic revolution that is going to change the destiny of the African continent forever.

What do you make of this petition? Do you support the agenda? What would you suggest? Let’s hear from you.

To sign the petition click HERE:

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