Picture of Six Nigerian siblings who are medical professionals go viral

Chinyere Okpaleke did not expect the massive reaction she got after posting a photo of herself in the company of her other siblings who practice as medical professionals. The image has so far attracted almost 200,000 likes with over 7,000 comments.

In the caption, Chinyere wrote that, “I know our parents and ancestors are beyond proud! We are exactly what their sacrifices were meant for!” The image has shot the family to worldwide fame with many people admiring their achievement.

“I’m actually blown away. because I don’t really use it as often…It was just something for National Siblings Day, and I checked back on it, three days later, it had over a million views. I was like ‘oh I don’t know if I can respond to everybody,’ because I’m used to just writing back to a few comments. It was impressive.” Chinyere said.

Chinyere Okpaleke

It is obvious they had a good grooming looking at the profession of their parents; their father, Andrew Okpaleke, M.D., is a retired physician of internal medicine. He has a practice experience of 30 years. Their mother Celina Okpaleke has also practiced as a physician assistant for over 20 years.

The Okpalekes are just part of the many Nigerians and Africans who practice as medical professionals in the United States. Statistics have it that, over 4000 Nigerians are practicing in the USA as medical Doctors. Additionally, majority of black doctors in the US are either first or second generation African immigrants.

This is a clear indication that, if African leaders focus on investments to develop the health sector which will in turn attract these professionals to offer their services back home, the continent will have a formidable health force.

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