Police in America are looting black bodies – Trevor Noah

South African Comedian and political commentator Trevor Noah made a wild statement in a video on his official Facebook page that the fundamental thing happening now is that police in America are looting black bodies.

His comment follows the recent George Floyd incident, which led to an outburst in the United States where it occurred as well as the rest of the world in solidarity with black people. In a video captioned with the hashtag #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd, the very influential social commentator took the time to address racism-related issues in the United States.

According to him, while everyone else is facing the battle against coronavirus, black people in America are still facing the battle against racism and coronavirus.

He opined that the reason why George Floyd’s issue became big is simply because he actually died through the brutish treatment. “How many George Floyd’s are out there that don’t die, how many men are having knees put on their necks?”  the Comedian questioned.

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He spoke about the fact that racism has been weaponized by white people over the years, which they use against black people all the time because of their awareness that the system places the black race at a disadvantage.

He further added that there is a sense of injustice in America which needed to be addressed. According to him, those assigned to enforce the law are the very people violating it.

He, however, expressed a surprise at the fact that many people condemned the George Floyd incident instinctively, a phenomenon he claims to have witnessed for the first time. Watch the full video below.


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