Fact-Checking Policy
We work with highly qualified professional staff who produce factual content. We always make sure to cross-check content and make sure they represent the reality on the ground and follow the community rules.

Ethics Policy
EYEGAMBIA as an organization has high ethical standards governing the way and manner in which we conduct business, of which we hold in high esteem. The staff of EYEGAMBIA demonstrates a commitment towards utmost regard for integrity in all things, the production of fact-based contents to build trust and promote truthfulness in all our reports.

Correction Policy
Our legal requirements and professional codes bar staff from engaging in any form of discrimination in their line of duty. We are equally particular about the peddling of falsehood. Anyone found guilty is dealt with through the disciplinary committee.

Ownership and Funding Info
EYEGAMBIA is owned and funded by young private entrepreneurs.

Editorial Team Info
EYEGAMBIA’s operations are very transparent and independent. Our work as an organization is not in any way sponsored or influenced by any individual or group of interest.