“Poorest Olympian” Africa’s New Women’s 200m Champion

The Gambia’s 24 old Gina Bass is the new Africa’s 200m females’ champion. Gina beats household name, Marie Josee Tal Lou to claim the position in the ongoing 12th All African Games in Rabat, Morocco with a surprising timing at 22.58, setting a new national record.

Gina Bass is The Gambia’s national record holder in both 100m and 200m females. She broke her own 100m national record, 11.38 seconds earlier this week, bringing it down to 11.13 seconds.

Gina also won a silver medal in 100m behind rival Tallou on the 27th of August 2019 in the ongoing games.

In a resist interview with the BBC Sport that went viral, Gina revealed that she is labelled as “poor” in her country. “In my country, they call me the poorest Olympian,” Gina told the BBC Sport. However, the defiant 24 old vowed to pursue her dream to break the 200m world record.

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Despite the availability of abundant talents in the country, the performance of the tiny West African nation in sport has not been very impressive over the years. Many including Gina, blamed the “sport administrators” in The Gambia for the country’s poor record. One of the most popular voices in Gambian sports, Peter Gomez is among the critics, who persistently blamed ‘sport administrators’ for “neglecting the athletics” while concentrating on enriching themselves instead.

In a population of less than two million, Gina is already celebrated in The Gambia as “Queen of the Track”. Undoubtedly, her latest medal will add to serve as a motivation to many raw talents in the streets of Banjul.


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