Poverty is making some African men dress like women – Okey Bakassi, Nigerian actor

Nigerian actor, Okey Bakassi expressed his views about the ongoing conversation on crossdressing in Africa. In recent times, some Africans have taken to popular media to declare themselves as crossdressers.

A typical example is the popular Bobrisky of Nigeria. The phenomenon has attracted criticisms from many Africans who argue from different points of view.

Whilst some make strong arguments from a cultural perspective, others blame globalization.

From his own point of view, the actor argued that crossdressing is a manifestation of poverty. In an interview with a local media outlet, Bakassi stated that he has never seen a wealthy African who declares himself a crossdresser.

Speaking in pidgin, he said “I never see any rich man way be crossdresser, check now. Is it that this poverty is also affecting people brain?” He went on to ask the host to name just one wealthy African, especially a Nigerian who is a crossdresser but the host could not name one.

Bakassi is not the first to speak against the emerging practice in Africa. On several occasions, self-confessed reports from Africans who practice crossdressing and other LGBTQ related activities suggest that some fake such status to make money.

Few months ago, media space was taken by a surprise as a young African who disguised as gay just to get visa ended up abandoning his partner.

In a similar scenario few years back a Nigerian movie actor, Uche Maduagwu received wide praises from Western tabloids when he announced that he was gay but it didn’t take long for him to revert his position. The practice of former LGBTQers condemning their previous lifestyle is not uncommon even in the Western world

However, some LGBTQ campaigners on the continent believed that such practices will likely ridicule their ongoing quest to normalize same-sex and sex-change on the continent as people wouldn’t take them serious.

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