President Museveni is afraid of me and I will sue him

A United States-based student from Uganda has threatened to take his president Yoweri Museveni to court.

This comes after the student, Hillary innocent, was blocked by the president on his Twitter account for calling him “a dictator” and opposing him in many other Twits.

When asked by the BBC what his case against the president was, Hillary Innocent Taylor Seguya, who is a global youth ambassador and master’s student of international relations at Harvard University, said that the Presidents decision to block him was an illegal act and a violation of Ugandan law. “By blocking me, he is denying me the right to have my say on matters of my country, as a Ugandan living abroad I do not have the chance to engage with him face to face, so I can only embrace the social media platforms and get involved, this is what he has robbed me off by blocking me.”

@KagutaMuseveni is what Mr Musevini uses as a public forum to disseminate information relating to the activities of his public office in his official capacity and to get feedback from citizens.

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Mr Seguya has petitioned the civil division of the high court in the capital, Kampala, to declare Museveni’s action as illegal, procedurally improper, unreasonable and irrational. In the interview with BBC focus on Africa, he said that he felt president was scared of him. “I have never seen a head of state been afraid of an ordinary citizen just speaking his mind. I will sue him, and if I win the case and get unblocked, I will continue to speak my mind like always” he added.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo and the director of political commissariat at Uganda’s police force, Asan Kasingye, who blocked Seguya on 8 August and 20 July respectively, are also named in the lawsuit.

In his legal complaint, filed on Monday, Seguya said: “The actions did not protect my freedom against political persecution and restricted my rights, which are acceptable and demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society.”

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