Racial discrimination: Police attempt to arrest a Sudanese secret FBI agent ended up in a total humiliation

A video making waves on social media in which some police officers attempted to arrest a man of African descent who happens to be an FBI secret agent ended in total humiliation.

According to reports, the gentleman in question is a South Sudanese who has been an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It is not clear what triggered the initial approach, but the officers were seen querying the agent who was also heard asserting that the officers were harassing him on Racial grounds.

He questioned them about his offense, but they failed to provide anything reasonable that warranted the arrest. The officers who had utterly no idea who he actually was forcefully handcuffed him.

A quick search was conducted on him with his ID card pulled out; Upon realizing his true identity as an agent, the officers took off the handcuff in shame, and the agent requested to speak with their supervisor. He later demanded they all submit their cards to him, which they did. Must someone be arrested because he/she is black? Watch the video below:


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