Ramaphosa blames NATO for Russia’s action in Ukraine

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has blamed NATO for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to him, some leaders of the organization earlier cautioned against measures which triggered the war but were ignored.

In a statement, the president said, “The war could have been avoided if NATO had heeded the warnings from amongst its own leaders and officials over the years that its eastward expansion would lead to greater, not less, instability in the region.”

He further clarified that South Africa cannot be pushed to condemn Russia for its actions in Ukraine.

“There are those who are insisting that we should take a very adversarial stance against Russia. The approach we are going to take (instead) is … insisting that there should be dialogue,” Ramaphosa added.

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He revealed that he neither believes a hard approach will resolve the issue. “Screaming and shouting is not going to bring an end to this conflict.”

Meanwhile, South African announced earlier that, it remains committed to working relations with economic bloc, BRICS which has Russia, China, India and Brazil as partners. The country equally abstained from the UN General Assembly’s earlier vote to condemn Russia.

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