Rape and assault cases on the rise in Gambia, Girls call for action.

In recent weeks the number of rape and assault cases on women in The Gambia is at a constant and rapid rise, over the past two months, close to ten cases have reached the police stations.

All the women or girls who have fallen victim of the horrendous and inhumane behaviour, said that, their assaulters were in a taxi pretending to be the driver and passengers. They will pick the victims along the road and drive away till they get to some lonely junction, suddenly divert and take the girls to some bush or remote areas to rape and rub them.

“I was picked up by this taxi thought was a genuine passenger vehicle, but when I was busy trying to take money from my purse to pay the fare, they jumped on me and began punching me, they took my phone, asked for my purse which I gave away as I had no choice. One of them held scissors threatening to stab me if I tried to escape. I was almost raped because one of them tried to unzip me, but I fought him off even though I was really scared,” a recent victim told EYEGAMBIA.

The woman who is in her mid-20s said she could recognize the taxi but couldn’t see their faces neither capture the registration number of the car. “The taxi is a 190 Mercedes Benz, but the seats behind are different from the usual taxis, it’s taller and tighter made for only two people instead of three. The glasses are a bit tinted too, when they left me there, I tried to get the number plate, but they drove away fast. It was a dreadful experience for me.”

Sometime last year, a similar incident took place around the Jabang village area, the same kind of vehicle was described by three girls who were attacked.

Unfortunately for one of those girls, she was raped but the other two suffered injuries from knife cuts and blows inflicted on them by the criminals.

Some of the victims we spoke to, said that, they are now afraid to board taxis or even walk alone in the streets and they want the government to put in security measures to help deal with this situation. The  Police has confirmed that they have received numerous complaints about this issue but are yet to make any arrests.

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