Rapper Cardi B filing for Nigerian citizenship

One of America’s top female rappers Cardi B says she is filing for Nigerian citizenship citing the increasingly dangerous nature of being an American living in New York.

She explained her decision in a tweet in which she also took a dig at US President Donald Trump; “I’m filing for my Nigerian citizenship,” she said, she went on to criticize President Trump following his ordering of an airstrike that resulted to the death of Iranian general Soliemani.“… but this shit ain’t no joke! Especially being from New York. It’s sad this man is putting American lives in danger. Dumbest move Trump till date,” she added

Last year Cardi B visited Nigeria and Ghana on a tour. During her time in Nigeria’s commercial capital of Lagos, she visited an orphanage, a strip club and held shows with some of the big names in Nigeria’s music industry.

She was christened with the name Chioma B, Chioma is a name given to girls in the predominantly SouthEastern Igbo region.

Cardi fell in love with the country and was amazed because the country reminded her of the Dominican Republic.

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