Reality check: COVID-19 could be A catalyst for decolonization In Africa

COVID-19 could break colonial influence in Africa.

The ravaging effects of this deadly outbreak, ranging from the families that got broken, businesses that are being destroyed from the skyrocketing number of cases and its associated deaths is nothing anyone should be proud of. In fact, it should be the very last thing that any human being will take advantage of to prove unnecessary points. However, there are hidden elements that deserve to be highlighted.


Unlike other diseases, or dire conditions which affects just a section of the world, mostly Africa which the whole world, especially the so-called superpowers and multinational organizations troop in to do business under the guise of providing help like in the case of Ebola, coronavirus demands that each and every country remain in their backyard, face the outbreak with the systems and structures they have built over the years or develop immediate innovations to face the outbreak or die without trying anything.

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Suddenly, Africans have ‘started’ developing interest in high tech intelligence, local capacity building and production. This is a continent which has for some time swallowed inferiority and perceived as a technologically bankrupt one, courtesy, the corruption infested political leadership whom prefers to procure even basic items outside, bloat budgets and loot funds rather than creating an enabling environment for individuals and local businesses to thrive. In effect, we create a society that empowered foreign brands to destroy local businesses and equally created an environment that killed talents rather than encourage them.

SA pupils scoop top award in Silicon Valley hackathon | ITWeb
Ten local high school students walked away with iPads and a trophy after winning the #Hackathon4Justice challenge.

Due to the threatening and uncompromising demands of COVID-19, Africa has started mining the brains of people for necessary ideas and drawing on local companies. Today, we are mass-producing Personal Protective Equipments, ventilators, tracking machines, solar-powered and sensor-built hand washing basins, our scientist are making waves in discoveries among many others. The question is: where were all these knowledge, skills and production capacities hidden? They were obviously buried by bad leadership and modern mass manipulation. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, all these items we are producing today would have been imported, with the local companies championing production today tagged as incapable of meeting “standards”.


The situation is totally different now. Every highly dependent country especially countries in Africa have started shifting into the new world order. They are developing a sense of self-reliance; a phenomenon they previously thought could not be possible due mainly to western propaganda which successfully socialized developing countries to accept the orchestrated inferiority stigma attached to their capabilities, capacity to innovate and true independence. These countries have just discovered that their long-held belief of inferiority, sense of incapability which made them dependent on the West and the Chinese this while turned out to be nothing more than a mind-game. They have discovered their strength.


COVID-19 is not a respecter of power. It has exhibited blatant disregard for the well-composed and sophisticated economic and health systems of the world powers and defied the technological prowess of these so-called first world countries who would have flooded Africa with their ‘best’ doctors to look for a solution if the disease originated from Africa.

Today, other than proving that superiority, these powers are busy building more graves and mortuaries to contain the situation. They are themselves struggling to survive whilst counting their damages. Under normal circumstances, African leaders could not have called a bluff on any of these “untouchable” countries but due to the defiance of coronavirus, African countries are banning flights, products from these powers, placing their citizens under quarantine to be monitored and tested and eventually repatriating those who test positive.

Why you need to bother investing in the African Space Technology ...
Image Credits: Nigeria Space Agency

This is a story for the gods to explain because this is certainly supposed to be the opposite as it has always been. In fact, before the advent of coronavirus, African citizens in USA were being arrested and sent home by force in ropes, chains or under strict surveillance. The tables are turning.

As I have said earlier, the damages of this virus is not worth making unnecessary points with but If the sudden power, technological novelties, and evolving sense of self-reliance, are given enough room to develop, Africa and all other developing countries will break free from modern-day imperialism. They will learn to deal with their fears, build their confidence, develop local companies, shape their economies and face situations with home tailored solutions. This is freedom. This is liberation. This is true independence. Whilst we deal with the outbreak, lets put in all efforts to put our structures in place to embrace the new world order.


We can all attest to the fact that one of the new forms of colonialism after the gun and chain approach is the DEBT trap. Many African countries are still suffering retardation because their economies have been grounded by debts with killer conditions that keeps crippling each generation. As it stands now, the next African generation to come will still inherit the debts we are piling today. We have already tied their hands in the back. The IMF and World bank have started giving huge loans to African countries to help deal with the pandemic. If care is not taken, we may end up in the same position after all these efforts and newly found strength.

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