Reports say Sudan suspended Russian naval base but Russia denies

Earlier reports had it that, Russia’s plan to establish a naval logistic base in Red Sea Port has been suspended by authorities in Sudan; the publications added that, the decision was tagged by a Russian Navy admiral as one which is motivated by pressure from the United States.

According to an earlier announcement by Russia, the facility was supposed to serve as a hub for nuclear-powered warships and will also host about 300 military and civilian personnel in Port Sudan. Additionally, the earlier release by Russia stated that, the deal was supposed to span over a period of 25 years.

Further documents sighted on the websites of the Russian government revealed that the terms of the agreement mandates Russia to ship weapons into the country without inspection. In return, Sudan was supposed to benefit from a search and rescue operations.

Nothing was heard about the progress of the deal since Russia’s announcement in December last year; however, Al Arabiya broadcaster revealed that, Sudan has suspended the naval base agreement “signed by Moscow with the former regime.”

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Reports by Africanews also disclosed that, “a former Russian Navy admiral told Interfax that he believes that Sudan suspended its agreement with Russia “under pressure from the U.S.”

The suspension report has since been denied by Russia’s Embassy which refuted the claims in a statement that, the government “has not received any official notifications from the Sudanese side. This agreement will enter into force only after both parties ratify it,” it wrote early Thursday. Since this has not yet happened, all other statements are [wrong] and aim to damage traditionally friendly Russian-Sudanese relations.”

Authorities from the country are yet to comment on this development. Sudan, an oil-rich country, located within the North-Eastern region of the African continent has suffered three decades of sanction from the United States for claims of terrorism before getting removed from the blacklist in recent years.

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