Rio de Janeiro reveals massive mural commemorating black civil rights heroes

Rio de Janeiro reveals a massive mural commemorating black civil rights heroes. Brazilian artist ACME dedicated a 360 square meter mural in the port area of Rio de Janeiro. The mural “Visions of Resistance, Dreams of Liberty” depicts African-American and Brazilian figures who have played a role in the history of the American and Brazilian civil rights struggles, respectively.

The struggle of Black people in the United States and Brazil was commemorated with the dedication of a 360 square meter mural in the port area of Rio de Janeiro by Brazilian artist ACME.

Funded by the United States diplomatic mission in Brazil as well as the local government of Rio de Janeiro as part of a cultural exchange program between the two nations.

Painting of the mural was announced on May 25, the anniversary of the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police aims to commemorate the history of slavery while also honoring some of the key figures who have made significant contributions to the fight for racial equality in Brazil and the United States through art.

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Authorities designated a portion of the Port of Rio de Janeiro, which is today known as the “Wonderful Port,” as a showcase for creative works like graffiti and the paintings of different other artists, among other things.

The mural is situated amid the remains of the ancient harbor, which was the site of the trafficking and enslavement of tens of thousands of Africans.

It is possible to view Carlos Esquivel’s work known as ACME, which is shown on walls all over the city, with a large number of them located in the densely-populated favelas, where he concentrates on themes of rebirth and social justice.

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