Russia and China block U.N in its Support for Ecowas on Mali’s suspension

The United Nation Security council has been blocked by China and Russia from supporting any suspension of Mali over the decision of the Military Junta on the delay of the election until 2026. Mali’s election was scheduled for next month but has been delayed by the Military Junta.

According to Kenya’s U.N ambassador, Martin Kimani, he stated he was rather disappointed at the turn out decision of a closed-door meeting. Kimani was disappointed that the Security council was not able to agree on what he called a ‘mild press statement.’  The closed-door discussion that was meant to endorse the sanction of Mali by ECOWAS turned out differently after China and Russia blocked it. 

Kimani went further to state that the lack of support for ECOWAS’ move on Mali which was motioned by three African members – Gabon, Ghana and Kenya was quite disappointing. The Security Council was meant to talk to reporters on their support for ECOWAS as well as the sanctions on Mali’s military junta in order to bring about a smooth transition into a constitutional rule that will be done via election.

The suspension by ECOWAS leaders was triggered by the delay in the timetable for election by the Military Junta led by Goita. The regional bloc has called the move unacceptable and stated that the delay was only another means to seize down the fundamental rights of Malians for the next five years.

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It is noteworthy that Mali had had a hard time trying to contain the insurgency of the Islamic extremists and the level of insecurity has heightened as more attacks were heaped on UN peacekeepers as well as civilians.

With the new sanction by ECOWAS, it would affect commerce and any form of financial aid to Mali. Not only that, closure of land and air borders with other ECOWAS states will also be part of the consequences. 

Aside from Russia and China, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and other members of the Security Council drummed up support for African countries in supporting ECOWAS on the sanctions.  Russia has been heavily criticized by the heavy military presence of its private military company named the Wagner Group who are already in Mali.

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