Russia-Ukraine crisis: EU imports at least 40% of Nigeria’s gas, demands more ‘cooperation’

African countries with oil and gas have become top spot for European countries as they make efforts to reduce their dependence on Russian oil significantly. A delegation from the European Union which visited Nigeria to ‘strengthen’ relationship revealed the current dependency rate on the country for oil and gas.

According to current statistics, Nigeria has emerged as the fourth largest source of Natural gas to the EU and U.K. This was confirmed on Monday by the delegation which included the Portuguese Ambassador, Luis Barros, Juan Sell of Spain, Italian Ambassador, Stefano De Leo and Deputy Head of Mission (France), Olivier Chatelais.

The EU Ambassador to Nigeria, Samuela Isopi said on Monday that, “Nigeria is the fourth gas supplier to Europe. At least 40 per cent of the Nigerian LNG is currently exported to Europe.”

Samuela added that, “we are not only major clients for Nigeria, we are also major partners in the oil and gas sector because some of the companies that are working with you are from Europe.  So we share the same interest and objectives.”

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Nigeria which is a lead producer of crude in Africa has earlier signed long term agreements to ship oil and gas to European countries such as France, Portugal, Spain, Belgium and others. Meanwhile, Nigeria has been suffering from oil scarcity in the past few months.

The country currently owns one of Africa’s largest gas reserves estimated by experts to worth about 200 trillion cubic feet.

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